Weddings are joyous events and although the main part of my career is makeup for film and television, I enjoy working with bridal clients for that very reason. I feel that if I surround myself with happy people, the result of my creativity can only be a positive one.

However, my experience in the film world has shaped the way I work with all of my clients and the skills I use there - timing, working under pressure, keeping a cool head when others are panicking - have been very useful on wedding days and other special events. Most importantly, I know how to make a woman beautiful when she is going to be inches away from a camera for an entire day. I like to meet with each bride prior to her wedding date so that I can get to know her and her style and help her find a look that compliments it. I avoid trends that will be out of style by next season, instead I accentuate the positive in each individual's face for an ageless look, one that is classic, sophisticated and beautiful without looking dated or old-fashioned. Even if she never wears makeup, I can make a bride feel like herself and still look glamorous - after all she'll be wearing one of the most beautiful dresses she'll ever put on. Most of all, I like to have fun. If a bride is relaxed and knows that I have her best interests in mind, she can look forward to getting ready for one of the biggest days in her life.

What follows is a small sampling of images and quotes from some of my clientele. Since my brides only find me through recommendations, I feel that their testimony is the best advertising I could ever have. I hope you do too.